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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Online Takeaway Ordering Service


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the service. By using the online takeaway ordering service (“Services”) in this website (“Website”) provided by Maxim’s Caterers Limited trading as Dondonya ("Dondonya") through Oddle, you agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.


Dondonya reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this Website at any time and has the right to unilaterally change these Terms without notification. You should regularly visit this Website to find out whether these Terms that are binding on you have been revised, as your continued use of this Website indicates your acceptance of any change to these Terms. "You", "your", “customers” and "users" refer to any person and/or entity that accesses this Website for any reason.

1. System Requirements of online takeaway ordering service

In order to use this service, you are required to access the Website through any internet connected devices including desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets. Dondonya recommends the following browsers for the best experience:


Internet Explorer 11/ Chrome 31 / Firefox 27 / Safari 7 or above

Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768

Javascript and Cookies turned on

2. Conditions of Use

All the information contained within this Website is for reference and interaction only. It is for individual use only and should not be used for commercial purposes. For this Website, you will not, nor allow third parties on your behalf to:

·            (i) make and distribute copies;

·            (ii) in any way, disseminate, announce, spread, revise, display or sell any of the contents of or the products described;

·            (iii) attempt to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange or translate; or

·            (iv) create derivative works of any kind whatsoever.

You agree to indemnify us against any of your unauthorised use of any material from this Website, defend us and prevent us from any harm. You agree that your unauthorized use of the contents of this Website may result in irredeemable losses to us and in the event of your unauthorised use, we have the right to apply for a restraining order in addition to any other remedies under common law or equity.

3. Online Takeaway Ordering – General Terms

(1)   You can use the Website to purchase Dondonya products (“Products”) in Hong Kong. The Products would be either picked up by you at designated Dondonya store or delivered to you.   If delivery of the Products is required, we will designate a service provider (a “Delivery Person”) to provide the delivery service.

(2)   The Services will be provided subject to the Dondonya stores’ (each a “Store”) business hours and delivery zone restraints. In any event, no service is available before 11:00 am and after 10:30 pm.

(3)   Customers can place orders for Products to be picked up or delivered on the same or next day (“Designated Time”) during the usual business hours, but not later than 30 minutes before the closing time of the relevant store.  Order(s) placed for pick up or delivery beyond the Designated Time are subject to cancellation of Dondonya.

(4)   The Website will automatically match and select an appropriate Store for you when you are ordering. The Products offered and their availability at each Store may vary. The specific Products that you can purchase, their specifications, prices, etc. will show in the Website when you are ordering.

(5)   For orders which require delivery, a minimum spend amount of HK$100 for short haul orders; HK$200 for standard haul orders; HK$300 for long haul orders (“Minimum Amount”) are applicable. If the total Product price of such order is less than the Minimum Amount, the Minimum Amount will be charged.  

(6)   For orders which require delivery, in addition to the Product price, the Store will charge a delivery fee for each short haul order under HK$200; standard haul order under HK$300 ; long haul order under HK$450. The specific amount of the delivery fee will show in the Website when you are ordering.

(7)   A Store’s business hours, delivery zone, Products and their specifications, prices and delivery fee might change from time to time without prior notice to you. Please pay attention to such information when you are ordering.

(8)   Dondonya has the right to refuse to provide the Services to a user if an user violates the applicable laws and regulations or acts in a dishonest manner. The said action includes, without limitation, (i) using the Website and/or Services by the user to conduct illegal activities such as money laundering, theft of personal information, etc.; (ii) disrupting the normal operation of the Website and/or Service, improperly interfering with the normal operation of a Store, or acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate by Dondonya; (iii) providing fake or false information, refusing to answer the call from a Delivery Person, or refusing to accept a delivery order without justifiable reasons, causing the Delivery Person unable to deliver the Products or a severe delay in completing the delivery service, any of which action might have occurred for more than once.

(9)   You agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations and are solely responsible for your acts or omissions in connection with your use of the Services and/or the Website.


4. Product information and Pricing

Dondonya reserves the right to vary the price and other product details without notice.  The prices charged are those applicable on the day of order.  Dondonya shall make every effort to ensure products displayed on the Website are in stock. If from time to time any product become out of stock, Dondonya reserves the right to offer alternative product/s of similar value and style that its value is not less than the replaced item(s).  The prices posted on this Website are for online takeaway ordering only. Prices for some products may differ from those charged at Dondonya stores and other third party delivery platforms.  Product information, pricing and images are for reference only.


5. Orders

(1)      The Website will automatically match and select an appropriate Store for you when you are ordering based on the address provided. This setting cannot be changed manually.

(2)      There are restrictions on the categories and number of Products that a user could purchase in one order. Please pay attention to such restrictions that will show in the Website when you are ordering.

(3)      The means of payment is subject to the options provided by the Website when you are ordering (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro debit card and Apple pay).

(4)      Unless otherwise specified, the Website shall not be used in conjunction with other discounts, special or promotional offer.

(5)      Please check the order carefully before you place the order. Your order is deemed effective when you receive the confirmation shown in the Website. Once the order takes effect, the Store will start preparing the food and beverage(s) immediately, and the user cannot modify or cancel the order thereafter.

(6)      To place an order via the Website, the customer needs to provide an email address for receiving the order confirmation email and his/her phone number for contact purpose. If the customer is providing contact of another person, he/she is required to obtain the consent of such other persons, concurrently, the customer is also obligated to be responsible for providing such personal information.

(7)      You acknowledge and agree that after the Store accepts your order, in case any of the Products you ordered is unexpectedly sold out or out of stock, the Store will provide a replacement Product upon your consent, or cancel your order in part or in whole. In addition, the Store will have to cancel the order due to any unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable reasons that may cause the Store to be unable to provide food and beverages on time, such as internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riot, protest, shortages of labour or materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of God or delays or non-performance by third parties etc. Once the order is cancelled, we will refund the prices to you in the same means and way as you paid for the order or other means as we may propose and be agreed by you and us.

(8)      You will be liable for every order made in this Website and agree to indemnify Dondonya for all claims arising from the actions of a person submitting any order using your Oddle account (including the unauthorized use of your Oddle account by a third party).


6. Pick Up by Customer

The terms of this section 6 are only applicable to Customers who choose to pick up their orders:-

(1) Dondonya shall use its reasonable effort to ensure orders to be completed as soon as commercially practicable, but pickup time in particular store(s) may be reasonably delayed due to operational circumstances. Pick up may be suspended during the hoisting of typhoon signal no. 9 or above and resumed within 2 hours of the lowering of the said warning or cancellation of the said typhoon signal.

(2) If an order is not being picked up within 1 hour when it is available, the order will be deemed cancelled / void and no refund will be made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the 1-hour limit will be reduced due to the business hours of the relevant store(s).

(3) During pickup, customers must show the valid order number or order confirmation to the staff for verification. Each order number can be used for pickup once only. Pickup records kept by Dondonya shall be deemed conclusive.

(4) Customers should keep properly the confirmation email and order number. Anyone showing the staff of the relevant store with a valid order confirmation or number will be deemed as an authorized representative for order pickup.

(5) Separate orders and payment are required if takeaway orders are to be collected at different time, on different dates or at different stores.

7. Delivery

The terms of this section 7 are only applicable to Customers who require delivery of their orders:-

(1)         We may call the recipient and/or send messages to the recipient’s mobile phone number you provide us with, so that you can receive update on your order status.

(2)         The delivery time as shown in the Website is only a reasonable estimate. You acknowledge and agree that the actual time required for the delivery may exceed the time estimate due to reason(s) such as weather, traffic, building access restrictions, etc

(3)         Delivery may be delayed in the event of bad weather, traffic and/or uncontrollable conditions. Delivery may be suspended during red rainstorm warning, black rainstorm warning, or the hoisting of typhoon signal no. 8 or above and resumed within 2 hours of the lowering of the said warning or cancellation of the said typhoon signal.

(4)         You agree to provide us with correct and accurate information, including name, address, phone number, etc.  We shall not be liable if the order fails to be delivered or the delivery is delayed due to incorrect or inaccurate information provided by you or for other reasons.

(5)         When the Delivery Person hands the Products to you or the recipient, please check the delivery pack and see if the pack is intact and unopened and if the quantity of ordered items is correct. If there is any indication that the pack has been damaged or opened already or any shortage of ordered items, please reject to accept the pack with the Delivery Person and contact us immediately.

(6)         Once the Products are delivered, the Delivery Person will confirm the order is completed in the system. The order’s completion time is subject to the time as shown in the system.

8.Personal Information Collection Statement

When you access or utilize services on this Website, you may have to provide us your personal data (including but not limited to your name, gender, age range, contact details and email address) ("Data"). You agree to provide us such information voluntarily.


If the Data you provided is incomplete or incorrect, we will be unable to register you or provide or continue to provide related services, or may not allow you to enter or may discontinue your use of this Website. You assure us that the information you provide us is correct, truthful, valid and complete. Otherwise, we have the right, without notice, to cancel your registrations and qualifications and/or refuse your use this Website or its services at the present time or in the future. For details relating to the collection, retention, storage and disclosure of Data, please refer to the applicable Privacy Policy Statement.

9. Underage persons

If you are under 18 or considered as underage by law or do not have the ability to make a contract or are unable to bear any legal responsibility, and when using this Website gives rise to legal obligations or responsibilities, you should not provide any personal information described in these Terms and will not be allowed to use this Website. If you want to enter and browse this Website, you must seek the approval of your parent or guardian regarding the legal implications of these Terms and the consequences that entail. We assume that all users of this Website are of legal age. We are not obliged to check your age but if it is found that any user is underage, we reserve the right to take action against such user or his/her parents/guardian including cancelling your transaction or refusing your access to this Website.

10. Use of materials

The contents of this Website, including text, diagrams, images, music, symbols, graphic button, links, HTML code, trade mark, software and other materials and all the materials of this Website (including the collection, arrangement and compilation of such materials) ("Materials") are protected by copyright law, trade mark law and other applicable laws. All Materials are the exclusive property of Maxim’s Caterers Limited (“MCL”) or website contents provider of MCL or its clients. Unauthorised use of any Materials is an infringing act under the copyright law, the trademark law or other applicable laws. Without any prior written permission from MCL, you shall not, for any public or commercial purpose, sell or modify the Materials, copy, reproduce, re-issue, upload, download, publish, transmit, display, publicly implement, issue the Materials in any way, store the Materials in the retrieval system or use it in any other way.


11. Limitation of liability

(1)         There may be incorrect material or typesetting errors in this Website. We do not give any implied or non-expressed guarantee and does not guarantee the correctness, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any Material. We do not accept any liability for the contents of other websites or anything uploaded on this Website or linked to this Website, including but not limited to any fallacies, errors, omissions, infringements, libel, lies or any other material or omission that is likely to be illegal or gives rise to a claim or complaint. You will be responsible for any consequences resulting from use of this Website or its links. These links are likely to change at any time or change periodically, so please check related materials regularly.


(2)         We do not guarantee that this Website will be totally free of errors now and in the future, this Website and its server will always be free of computer viruses or other harmful function, that any shortcoming will be corrected or that this Website is timely, safe and will not be discontinued.


(3)         If your use of these Material results in the need to repair or renew equipment or data, we accept no liability for any resulting expenses.

(4)         To the fullest extent allowable under applicable law, in no event shall Dondonya (a) be liable to the user with respect to use of Services; or (b) be liable to the user for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, lost profits, loss, theft or corruption of user information, the inability to use the Services or any of its features or device failure or malfunction. The user’s sole remedy is to cease use of Services. To the fullest extent allowable under applicable law, in no event (but subject to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law) shall the aggregate liability of Dondonya, MCL and their affiliated companies, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or other theory, arising out of or relating to the use of or inability to use the Services, exceed any compensation the user pays, if any, to Dondonya for access to or use of the Services, for a particular order giving rise to such liability. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these terms, nothing in these terms shall exclude or restrict Dondonya, MCL and their affiliated companies’ liability for death or personal injury resulting from their negligence.

(5)         In no event shall Dondonya be held liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature or causes beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, internet failures, computer equipment failures, telecommunication equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riot, protest, shortages of labour or materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of God or delays or non-performance by third parties.

12. Compensation

In the event of any compensation claim, program, damage compensation, injury, debt, loss, costs and expenditure (including reasonable legal costs and expenditure) arising from the user's infringement of these Terms or illegal behaviour, the user agrees to compensate us and our affiliates, related companies, associated companies, senior employees, agents, joint brand owners or other partners and employees, defend them and prevent them from loss.

13. Interpretation

Clause headings and examples are provided for reference purposes only to assist in understanding these Terms. They are not intended to define, or limit the scope or extent of any clause.

14. No waiver

Our failure or delay in exercising any right or power under these Terms shall not in any circumstances impair any right or power nor operate as a waiver of it.

15. Assignment

We may assign our respective rights and obligations under these Terms. You may not assign your rights and obligations under these Terms of Use.

16. Severability

If any single provision or number of provisions in these Terms of Use, or any one or number of provision of these provisions and conditions when cited, in any situation, is in any respect, for any reason, judged to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the effectiveness, legality and enforceability of the provision or condition in any other respect, and the effectiveness, legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these provisions and conditions, will not be affected in any respect.

17. Applicable law

These Terms shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong") and be governed by Hong Kong laws. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts for any disagreement, dispute or claim between us and you.

18. Contact

If you wish to contact us for matters regarding this website or these Terms, please send your written request to the following address:


[email protected]


Customer Service Hotline:

2110 1746

*(Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00)


Address: Maxim’s Caterers Limited

18/F, No.17 Cheung Shun Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

19. Chinese and English Versions of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are made in both the English and Chinese language. In case of inconsistencies and discrepancies, the English version shall prevail, given the Chinese version is for reference only.




請仔細閱讀本網站的使用條款(下稱「使用條款」)。鑒於閣下使用由美心食品有限公司以「丼丼屋」(”丼丼屋”) 營運網站(ODDLE提供技術支持)提供的網上外賣訂購服務(“服務”),意味著閣下已接受以下條款。





- Internet Explorer 11 / Chrome 31 / Firefox 27 / Safari 7或以上版本

建議解像度:1024 x 768




·         (i) 複製並將複製本加以分發;

·         (ii) 以任何方式散佈、公佈、傳播、修訂、展示、銷售其內容或產品;

·         (iii) 試圖複製、重建、修改、修飾、進行逆向工程、分拆、反編碼、傳輸、交換或翻譯;或

·         (iv) 從其中創造衍生性作品或對之加以利用。




3. 服務的基本內容



2)服務會受到各分店(以下簡稱分店) 營業時間和送遞範圍的限制。在任何情況下,每天早上11時前及晚上10:30時後不提供服務。






8)如果用戶違反了法律法規或存在不誠實的行為,丼丼屋有權拒絕向用戶提供服務。前述行為包括但不限於:(i) 用戶利用網站的服務從事洗黑錢、盜取個人信息等違法活動;(ii) 用戶干擾網站的正常運行,干擾分店的正常經營,或採取其他丼丼屋認為不適當的行為;(iii) 用戶提交的信息虛假或錯誤,或因用戶拒絕接聽派送員電話、無正當理由拒收訂單等行為,導致派送員無法送遞或送遞發生嚴重延遲,並且類似情況多次發生。


4. 貨品資訊及價格





3)訂單的付款方式以您訂購時網站內提供的選項為准(例如Visa, Mastercard, 美國運通, Maestro Debit cardApple Pay)



(6) 進入網站進行訂購時,閣下須提供電郵地址以接收丼丼屋發出的網上訂購確認電郵,及提供電話號碼以作聯絡之用。若閣下提供的聯絡資訊為他人的資料,必須確定已得到當事人的同意;同時,閣下須為提供此等個人資料承擔所有責任。


(8) 閣下須為所有在本網站上的每項交易負責,及為所有因使用閣下的ODDLE帳戶提交訂單(包括第三者未經授權使用閣下的ODDLE帳戶)的產生所有申索向丼丼屋彌償


6. 關於取貨


6條的條款只適用於選擇自取訂單 :-

(1) 丼丼屋會盡合理努力安排訂單於閣下所選之取貨時間內完成,惟個別分店或會因應營運狀況而合理地延遲預計取貨時間。自取服務可能在9或更高颱風訊號生效時暫停,及於前述訊號或警號取消後的2小時恢復服務


(3) 閣下取貨時,必須出示有效的訂單號碼或確認電郵予分店職員核對。每張訂單之訂單號碼只供取貨一次。所有取貨記錄以丼丼屋之記錄為準。

(4) 閣下應妥善保管確認電郵及訂單號碼。如任何人士向有關分店職員出示有效訂單號碼或確認電郵,將被視為獲得授權取貨。

(5) 如需於不同時間,不同日期或不同分店提取訂購之外賣,必須分開獨立訂購及付款。

7. 關於送遞




3如遇惡劣天氣、交通及/或其他不可控制的情況,送遞服務將可能延遲。在紅色暴雨警號生效時,送遞服務可能暫停。 八號或更高颱風訊號、或黑色暴雨警號生效時,送遞服務將暫停,及於前述訊號或警號取消後的2小時恢復服務。

4) 您同意向我們提供真實、準確的信息,包括姓名、送遞地址、電話號碼等。如因您提供的信息有誤或不準確等原因導致訂單無法送達或發生延誤,我們不承擔任何責任。



8. 個人資料收集聲明









(1)               本網站的材料可能不正確或存有排印上的錯誤。我們不承認任何默示性和非明示性的保證、並且不保證本網站或素材的正確性、可靠性、完整性或及時性。我們對其他網站的內容以及本網站上登載的或與本網站連接的任何事物,包括但不限於任何謬見、錯誤、遺漏、侵權、毀謗、謊言、或者其他可能是犯法或會引起權利主張或投訴的材料或遺漏不承擔任何責任。使用本網站和連結網站的材料的後果由閣下自負。該等網站可能隨時或定期會有變動,請不時查閱有關的材料。

(2)               我們不保證以下事項:本網站目前或今後任何時候毫無錯誤,本網站及其服務器目前或今後任何時候沒有計算機病毒或其他有害機能,任何缺陷會被糾正,或者本網站的運作是及時、安全和不會中斷的。

(3)               如果由於閣下使用該等網站材料,導致需要修理或更換設備或數據,我們不負責任何由此而産生的費用。

(4)               在適用法律允許的最大範圍內,在任何情況下,丼丼屋a)就您使用服務,毋需承擔任何責任;以及(b)就一切直接、非直接、特殊、連帶的、相應的或懲罰性的損害賠償(包括但不限於商譽損失賠償、利潤損失賠償、損失賠償、使用者資料被盜竊或破壞)、不能使用服務或其任何功能或者設備失效或故障,毋需承擔任何責任。您唯一的解決方案是停止使用服務。在適用法律允許的最大範圍內,在任何情況下(但視適用法律允許的最大範圍而異),丼丼屋因為或涉及用戶使用或不能使用服務而承擔的法律責任(不論是基於合同、侵權(包括出於疏忽)、嚴格法律責任還是其他論述)的總額不可超過用戶在與造成此責任曾為瀏覽或使用服務的有關訂購而向丼丼屋支付的費用。

(5)               對於自然災害或丼丼屋不能合理地控制的原因,包括但不限於互聯網故障、電腦設備故障、電訊設備故障、電力故障、罷工、勞工糾紛、勞工或材料短缺、火災、水災、風災、爆炸、天災或第三者延誤或不履行任務直接或間接造成的任何延誤或不履行,丼丼屋在任何情況下概不負責。


12. 賠償















電郵地址:[email protected]

客戶服務熱線 :2110 1746(星期一至星期日早上10時至下午9時)

地址: 香港九龍長沙灣長順街1718


19. 中英文使用條款